Massage Services

Therapeutic or Relaxation

60 Minute Massage $75

90 Minute Massage $100

$20 Enhancements


Add on any enhancement of your choice for an extra $20 to customize your session and receive a truly unique experience just for you!

Hot Stones

This blissful add-on does much more than bring heat and relaxation, incorporate stones to work deeper, and relieve tension among other benefits.

Body Brushing/Exfoliation

Exfoliates your skin, stimulates the lymphatic system, rids the body of toxins, increases circulation, and breaks down cellulite.

Cupping Therapy

Using cups incorporated in massage we can increase blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, or simply just use it as a tool to balance our yin and yang.

Singing Bowls / Sound Healing

Using different Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls we can incorporate these healing sounds and vibrations for a deeper level of relaxation and increased mental clarity, as they greatly reduce stress and anxiety, but these are also used in a more clinical way. Such as to relieve pain in the body, improve blood flow and circulation, stimulate the immune system, and even to help with pain from arthritis.